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Falls Creek/Sawtooth Peak

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Ski (Mountaineering AT, Tele etc)   02/04/2012 9:33 AM 02/04/2012 9:33 AM
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The snowpack continues to consolidate and gain strength.  Test results on south and north aspects above 8,000ft. indicate a moderately reactive density change 25-35cm down ( CTE and CTM's RP, Q2).  The lack of energy in this layer makes propagation unlikely.  You may be able to find sensitive pockets of wind slab on steep N-E aspects above 8,000ft.  The 1/16 PWL layer is now buried 90-120cm and was not reactive in my tests.  It is unlikely a skier could trigger this deeply buried PWL, but in steep, shallow, and rocky terrain one may be able to find a trigger point.  Deep slab instabilities are always a tough beast to manage with great confidence and one should not discount it's potential to awaken.  Choose the fat line where the snowpack is deepest.  Also with these warm days be wary of slab softening on southerly exposures and the possibility of wet loose slides at lower elevations.  There is some great powder to be had in the alpine, especially on N-E aspects.  Southerly aspects above 8500' were also keeping cool and held good turning conditions.

Snow & Weather
Elevation: 8000 ft New Snow: 0 in Snow Depth: 235 in
Wind: S @ mph
Twin Peaks and Sacajawea in the background.
Jeremiah carving nice turns down the south side of Sawtooth Peak (9179')
Ryan enjoying the cold smoke while descending into Falls Creek